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Meet Amanda

I am a daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend.

I married my husband after writing many letters back and forth, some while in different countries. We have 4 young children who inspire me every day.  Photography has always been an interest and a passion for me. Over 10 years ago I felt the desire to capture every moment, and this passion only increased with the birth of our daughter.  Since those days not many days pass without a camera in my hand and an image to capture penetrating my heart.

I love art and music and a good cup of coffee. I love the newness and wonder of nature and a good book.

Thrifting, writing, singing and location hunting are some of my favourite pastimes.

We are located in Trenton, Ontario and I am available to travel.

We live, breath, love and grow here in this small town.

Art inspires me, music is my soundtrack and the Lord is my compass.

I would love to meet you and capture your real moments.


Why choose me?

I am passionate and my heart is to capture those beautiful and real moments and memories.  I love seeing vows made, families grow and love blossom! I want to capture your milestones and be with you on the journey…

Photo Credit: Melissa Anthony Photography

xoxo Amanda

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